Charles Allen Strong in 1st Candidate Debate

First candidate forum highlights Ward 6 leadership, experience, and vision of Charles Allen.

Candidate_Forum_Twitter.pngAt the 6th and I Historic Synagogue last night, DC for Democracy hosted the first Ward 6 candidate forum. It may have been less than 30 minutes in length, but it put a clear difference on display and highlighted our vision for Ward 6 and our city. The forum showed that only one candidate knows our local issues and has the experience of working for positive and progressive change in our communities.

Charles stayed focused on the issues that matter most to Ward 6 voters: 

  • - Ensuring every child has a great neighborhood school no matter where you live.
  • - Putting a new priority on family-based affordable housing that lets everyone call DC home. 
  • - Working for a community where seniors successfully age and stay in their in communities.
  • - Fighting for real ethics and campaign finance reform to end a pay-to-play culture.

If you missed the forum, you can read some of the highlights here:


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