Support DC Statehood now!

Residents of the District of Columbia deserve the full rights of citizenship that have been denied to us for over two centuries. 

DC_Statehood.jpgWe need your help and your voice to speak up in support of DC Statehood. This is an issue of fairness, equality, and rights for every DC resident. On Monday, September 15th, the US Senate is holding a hearing on DC Statehood for the first time in 20 years. Can you stand with me by signing this petition?

The hearing is an important step, but it's far from the final step. Every resident of the District of Columbia deserves nothing less than full and equal representation. Many in the media are already saying the bill will go nowhere. Well, the hearing is important, but the actions we take after are what matter most.

Last week, I walked door-to-door to several DC businesses asking them to hang signs in support of DC Statehood. Over the last year, I've walked with Statehood activists in the halls of Congress petitioning members of the House and Senate to support our rights. These are small steps in the long march to our full rights. Today, I ask you to take action.

Can you take action and sign this petition? I will include your signature when I submit my testimony to the Senate in support of DC Statehood at the end of September.

Will you sign?

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