Roll Call Profiles Charles Allen

Roll Call newspaper recently sat down with Charles Allen to highlight his campaign in Ward 6.

unnamed.jpgIn the latest issue of Roll Call, reporter Hannah Hess wrote a profile of our campaign. Covering everything from early days campaigning for Senator Paul Wellstone, to founding DC for Democracy, to work on healthcare reform and Council actions. Here are a few of the highlights:

Reflecting on major initiatives he’s helped fight for, including gay marriage, new business on H Street and the Anacostia River Clean Up and Protection Act of 2009 that implemented a 5-cent fee on disposable plastic bags, Allen said, “I’ve been part of our successes and I know how to face our challenges.”

For older Ward 6 residents, Allen wants to repair the sidewalks they must traverse in walkers and wheelchairs and push for more neighborhood-based health care providers. The long-awaited H Street streetcar is another priority. He dreams a second Capitol Hill streetcar line could connect Union Station to the Capitol Visitor Center and stretch into the city’s Southwest quadrant.

Like his former boss, he’s made ethics reform a prime component of his campaign, saying, “This is the tough medicine that we need and I’m willing to live by it, and that’s important.”

For the full article, please follow this link: Click Here.

Photo Credit: Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call

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