Our campaign has shown strong support across Ward 6! Your vote on November 4 is the most important endorsement I want, but I am very proud to have the support from so many leaders and neighbors across our community. Here are just a few:

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells 

"I am proud to support Charles Allen. In the eight years that I've had the privilege of working closely with Charles, I've been most impressed by his unwavering good judgment. He's the person I trust the most to make the right call -- whether for me, our ward, or our city. I know and trust he has the right priorities and the right values for the job."

Former Ward 6 Councilmember Sharon Ambrose 

“Charles knows DC government. He knows how to make it work better. He knows Ward 6 and understands that education is the greatest challenge facing young Ward 6 families.”

Charles_Allen_and_David_Grosso.jpgAt-Large Councilmember David Grosso

"I am proud to support Charles Allen to be the next Ward 6 Councilmember. His focus on great neighborhood schools is exactly what Ward 6 needs, and his commitment to public integrity, good government, and ethics reform is exactly what our city needs. I need Charles to join me on the Council so that we can fight for these priorities not only in Ward 6, but across our city. I've seen his work first-hand, I know his vision, and I trust his leadership for Ward 6. I know he'll be a great partner and ally."

Ward 6 Board of Education Member Monica Warren-Jones 


“Charles has a strong track record of success in helping support the dramatic expansion of high-quality early education options in Ward 6. As a major contributor to the public education renaissance in our ward, he demonstrates incredible knowledge about our schools’ needs and challenges.”

Former Ward 6 Board of Education Member Lisa Raymond

“Charles Allen has been an integral part of the successes we have seen so far at our neighborhood elementary schools. He stands ready to work with residents to bring that same energy and urgency to improving our Ward 6 middle schools.”

35 Ward 6 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners


The Washington Post

The Washington Post has endorsed Charles Allen in Ward 6 as the clear choice for voters:

"Charles Allen... focused on schools, affordable housing and encouraging business growth. Mr. Allen has the keener knowledge of neighborhood issues, the complexities of D.C. government, and how to bring about solutions to its problems. His sensitivity to ethical concerns would be valuable." -- The Washington Post editorial, March 15, 2014

DC Police Union

“Charles Allen is a dedicated public servant, a supporter of law enforcement, and a welcome voice on governmental reform and ethics. If the District government is going to move past the seemingly unending cycle of public corruption and mismanagement – it is going to take people like Charles Allen to do it.” -- Chairman-elect of the D.C. Police Union, Delroy Burton.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) - State Council, Local 32BJ, Local 1199, Local 500, Local 722

“We are confident in Charles Allen’s record of leadership and the years we’ve spent working with him to improve life for working families in the District." -- Jaime Contreras, Maryland/DC State Council President and 32BJ SEIU Vice President.

SierraClubEndoresedLogo.gifDC Chapter of the Sierra Club

"Charles Allen is a new candidate, but he's not new to the Sierra Club. As Chief of Staff to Tommy Wells, Charles Allen drafted the bill to ban burning coal in D.C. and he was the coordinator of the The Anacostia River Clean Up and Protection Act."

Greater Greater Washington

"Anyone who has worked on local issues in the ward has worked with Charles Allen already... Charles Allen is not simply the better of two alternatives; he is a very strong candidate and a good choice for Ward 6... We shouldn't assume that staffers for elected officials necessarily deserve to step into the top role. Charles Allen does, not because he worked for Tommy Wells, but because of what he has done for Ward 6. We urge Democratic voters in Ward 6 to cast their votes for Charles Allen on April 1 or vote early beginning March 17." -- Greater Greater Washington

new_dc_now_logo.pngDC Chapter of the National Organization for Women

“Charles Allen will be a strong voice on the DC Council for the full equality of all District residents. Given his leadership and experience working for DC residents and his support of equality for women and girls in DC, DC NOW members voted unanimously to endorse Charles Allen for the Ward 6 Council seat.” -- Susan Mottet, President of DC NOW.

DC Chamber of Commerce

"Charles Allen’s energy, leadership and fresh perspective on the issues impacting the District make him an ideal candidate for the Council. He has tremendous vision and passion for Ward 6 and the entire city. We share a common interest with Charles on several issues that impact our businesses and the community as a whole, and look forward to working with him to continue the economic growth of the District. Charles is a rising star and would be the ideal Ward 6 representative on the DC Council.” -- David Julyan

DC for Democracy

"DC for Democracy is happy to endorse Charles Allen for Ward 6 Council. As a seasoned Council staffer, Charles has a deep understanding of DC policymaking and of Ward 6. A former chair of DC for Democracy, he is refusing corporate contributions, making campaign finance and ethics reform a priority. As he did with tax reform (writing legislation to increase DC's standard deduction) and the minimum wage, we expect Charles to play a major role on efforts to create affordable housing and to complete a bill on the public financing of elections." -- Keith Ivey, Chair, DC for Democracy

GLAA_Ward_6_Rankings_2014.pngGay and Lesbian Activists Alliance (GLAA)*

"Charles Allen has a strong questionnaire and a long history of supporting LGBT issues as a Council staff member and President of the Ward 6 Democrats. He testified in favor of marriage equality before the Council, presenting the Ward 6 Democrats' resolution in support. His rating is very good for a first time candidate."

DC Association of Realtors

"Charles Allen's understanding of the landscape of Ward 6 and the needs of its residents are impeccable. His relentless dedication to bringing world-class schools to the District of Columbia falls directly in line with DCAR's priorities." -- Bo Menkiti, DCAR Trustee

Smoke Free DC

“A few candidates stood out as fully grasping the fact that secondhand smoke is a health hazard, and that the right of nonsmokers to breathe clean air should trump a smoker’s desire to light up. [Charles Allen] aced the questionnaire.”

DC League of Humane Voters

"Charles Allen will make an outstanding member of the D.C. Council and has proven to be a reliable animal advocate.” -- Jeremy Rosenberg, President, DC League of Humane Voters

The Washington City Paper

"Charles Allen brings impressive credentials helping to run the office he now wants to lead... Allen’s previous experience as Wells’ chief of staff would serve him well."

Clean Slate Now for good government and campaign finance reform




*GLAA does not endorse candidates, but lists a candidate ranking for each election.