DC Streetcar

Streetcar_Express1.jpgA number of questions have been raised about the future of the DC Streetcar on H Street and beyond: When will it open? Will it work? Is it worth it? Some have gone as far to say that even after all that the District has invested and put H Street through, the government should walk away from it. I do not share that belief. To be sure, I want the DC Streetcar to be safe, reliable, and efficient. But I believe that the streetcar can be one of the ways the District better connects its neighborhoods and encourages growth in our communities.

The public investment has been significant. But businesses have also played a major role. Since the District broke ground on the DC Streetcar, 100 new businesses opened their doors on H Street, on the way to creating more than 1,000 new jobs. In addition, the corridor has experienced nearly $400 million in private investment and the creation of more than 1,500 new homes.

In making the investment in streetcar, the District has asked a lot of the small businesses on H Street, the surrounding neighborhood, and the residents. I expect the new DDOT Director to take a clear look at the project to support what's working, identify what's not, and develop a plan to move the H Street line forward -- connecting it downtown and to neighborhoods to the east.

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