KickOffCampbellHouse.jpg-large.jpg"Having served my Ward 6 neighbors in a variety of roles over the last decade, I am ready and excited to take on the challenge of representing their interests as a member of the DC Council," said Allen.

"People choose to call Ward 6 home because our neighborhoods are an extension of our living rooms - with great schools you can walk to, parks you can gather in and local businesses that know you by name. These serve as anchors for our communities and we must ensure that all residents see this vision realized," Allen stated.

“But Ward 6 is more than a sum of its places. The true spirit of Ward 6 lies with its people. Each person adds to the strength and diversity of our community and I want to make sure that Ward 6 is a place we can always call home. For those with young families like myself, this means bringing great schools to all corners of the Ward. We’ve seen a transformation in our neighborhood elementary schools and I will bring the same energy and urgency to improve our middle and high school choices. For others, this means ensuring that people can successfully age in their homes, as well as fighting for affordable family-based housing. For everyone, this means a safe neighborhood. These will be my priorities,” said Allen.

1380731_500594443369352_2061235745_n.jpgAllen announced his candidacy for the Ward 6 council seat, with a different kind of campaign launch - a series of events hosted by neighbors in their "living rooms" throughout the Ward, taking his campaign directly to the people. Rather creating a single event in only one part of the Ward, this week long living room launch brought the campaign into peoples' homes, their businesses and their communities. These personal gatherings allowed Allen to share his vision, hear directly from neighbors, and highlight his deep knowledge of the issues facing all of our families.

"Ward 6 has a great story to tell, but we also have new challenges to face together. I am a problem solver and reformer by nature, and I am excited to take on this next role," stated Allen.

Allen is the former chief of staff for Council member Tommy Wells and has been an active leader in Ward 6 for over a decade. Allen began his service to the district as policy director for the DC Primary care Association and he has been a prominent voice in progressive priorities and social justice issues facing our city.